Shropshire Council

Cooling towers

A business or premises that has wet cooling towers and/or evaporative condensers within Shropshire needs to register with this department.

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The primary purpose of cooling tower and condenser notification is to ensure that the relevant enforcing authority can be satisfied that suitable control measures are in place to protect employees and the general public from the risk of infection by organisms such as legionella. If a cooling tower and/or evaporative condenser becomes redundant and is decommissioned or dismantled, we should be notified so that the cooling tower register can be altered accordingly.

Online applications are processed via the Gov.UK website in five simple steps

  • Download the application form to your computer
  • Complete the application form (and provide any supporting material requested)
  • Submit the application (your email address is required)
  • Attach the completed application form (and any supporting material requested}
  • Click continue

The application is then submitted to us.

You must tick all the boxes which apply to your business, answering all questions and give all the information requested. If you have any enquiries, the Health and Safety Team will help you. It's an offence to give information which you know to be false. There is no fee for this application.

You should also apply to change an existing cooling tower notification via Gov.UK