Shropshire Council

Migrant workers


The number of workers from abroad (migrant workers), particularly from eastern Europe, has increased in recent years.  In particular, they are employed in agriculture, food processing, construction, healthcare, hospitality and catering and contract cleaning.

Risk assessment

Assessing the risks from work activities is a legal requirement, but it is also the key to managing health and safety.  Therefore, it is essential to ensure that before any migrant worker starts employment for you the risks to which s/he is are likely to be exposed have been assessed, and that any necessary control measures have been identified.
You will also need to consider language issues.  Not all migrants speak English, and the ability of those who do varies widely.  Some who speak English cannot read it.

Information, instruction, training and supervision

Any new workers, whether directly or indirectly employed and irrespective of whether they are migrants or UK citizens, should be provided with the information, instruction and training they need to work safely.
You must make sure that any training received by migrant workers is fully understood by them.

Additional information

General health and safety information and guidance can be found on the HSE website.

Main legislative requirements