Shropshire Council

Proof of benefit required for free school meals

The information you give us when completing your free school meal application form means you might not need to provide further proof of your benefit entitlement. Your information will be added to the online free school meal checking system. Once confirmed, free school meals can be awarded with immediate effect. If your details don't match the FSM criteria, we'll ask you to provide a copy of your benefit entitlement letter, or a recent HM Revenue and Customs award notice.

Asked for a proof of benefit?

An online check is made monthly, and you'll be notified by letter of eligibility changes. If we don't receive a response to our letter by the requested date, your award will be cancelled and another letter sent to you advising you of the free school meal cancellation.

There may be other reasons why your free meals have been cancelled. If you're in any doubt at all please contact us using the details on this page.