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Consultation on the proposed introduction of a post-19 transport policy

  • Period: 03 September 2019 - 18 October 2019
  • Status: Closed
  • Audiences: Everyone
  • Topics: Transport
  • Type: Public

The consultation into the proposed introduction of a Post 19 Transport Policy aims to recognise SEND Post-19 learners as adults in education and identify necessary transport needs in line with Department of Education Guidance, specifically our duty relating to section 508F of the Education Act.

Shropshire Council actively encourages young adults to participate in education and training, it is expected that the vast majority of adult learners will make their own travel arrangements and meet the cost of those arrangements. However, with the introduction of the proposed policy, the Council may conclude that it is necessary to make such arrangements for the provision of transport, consequently we anticipate better outcomes for the learner that will aim for or enable a learner to travel and live as independently as possible.

The proposed draft policy is attached and forms part of the consultation documents,

Shropshire Council will now commence a period of consultation on the proposed policy.  We would be grateful for any thoughts and comments you may have on this proposed policy, which if adopted would commence in the Autumn of 2019.


If you have any comments or views on this proposed policy, please use one of the following methods of communication to put forward your views.

We would also request that schools/colleges pass this information on to any potential adult learners who the proposals may affect.

Transport Consultation
Passenger Transport Group
107 Longden Road
Shrewsbury SY3 9QA


Full details of what the Council currently provides can be viewed here.

Following this consultation, all views and comments will be taken into account before a decision is made.


If you would like to comment on the proposed post 19 transport policy, please use the contact details on this page to email or write to us.

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