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Help us monitor town centre recovery

The Covid-19 pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on our lives. In some way all businesses across all sectors throughout Shropshire have been affected.

Our town centres have been impacted, some of which were already struggling following the severe flooding in February, followed by lockdown down on the March 23rd 2020 while the county was protecting its population during the pandemic.

Now though, our towns are beginning to open up again as lockdown measures ease. Non-essential retail and hospitality businesses can now trade, albeit with new restrictions to protect people, and consumers are beginning to return to the High Street.

We want to track how towns are adapting to the “new normal” and to monitor how consumer confidence is rebuilding so that we can make informed policy and investment decisions to help support town centre recovery.

To help us, please spare a couple of minutes to complete this short online survey. Whether you are a local independent business, run a branch of a national chain, represent local businesses or live locally, we value your opinion. As the survey will be live for the next few months, please come back every month or so and complete it again so that we can see what is changing.

Complete the survey here »

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