Shropshire Council

Shropshire Compact

The Shropshire Compact is an agreement that sets out the “rules of engagement” for how we and the voluntary and community sector (VCS) should work together for the benefit of the people we serve. It's more than a document – it's also a way of working that recognises the benefits of working together better.

The Shropshire version reflects the National Compact. Published by Compact Voice and the Office for Civil Society in 2010, the Compact outlines key principles in order to establish better partnership working between national government and the voluntary and community sector. Local authorities across England and Wales are encouraged to lead on the development of local compacts, supported by the national organisation Compact Voice.

The aim of the Compact is to embed good practice in partnership working. Its values include:

  • Recognising the value and diversity of the voluntary and community sector
  • Being open and transparent in our actions and expectations in working together
  • Recognising the constraints within which we work
  • Treating each other equally, fairly and with respect
  • Working together to best serve local people and our communities

This should result in strong, effective partnerships, voluntary sector engagement and information sharing across sectors.