Shropshire Council

Project updates

May 2019

On 13 February 2019 Shropshire Council’s Cabinet agreed that the existing Quarry site is the most suitable town centre location for swimming provision in Shrewsbury, and authorised council officers to investigate the potential to develop new swimming provision on the site.

They also agreed to undertake a full feasibility study which will be carried out between spring and autumn 2019. We’re asking key stakeholders including leisure and health specialists to advise on the exact nature of swimming provision required for the long-term health and wellbeing needs of the Shrewsbury and wider Shropshire population. We will also draw up concept designs to show how the new facilities might look.

Conscious that the redevelopment of the Quarry Pool site will take some years to complete, we will be exploring options to ensure continuity of swimming provision as part of these proposals.

A rebuild will provide new and modern facilities offering a better customer experience, the potential to reduce operational costs given a modern design and energy efficient installations and opportunities to maximise income generation through provision of additional facilities such as an improved food and beverage offering. In planning terms this option is deliverable, and coupled with enhanced fitness provision will increase usage and visitor numbers.

A complete rebuild on the existing site will provide the potential to explore options across a larger footprint as well as the opportunity to integrate other uses over and above leisure and culture, such as office, community and education uses. It is important that these are considered within the framework of the recently approved Shrewsbury Big Town Plan.

A building condition survey carried out at the Quarry Pool in November 2018 has concluded that the building is effectively at the end of its serviceable life. However, there are no major issues with the areas of the facility that are currently available to users, meaning that no immediate work Is required.

Further updates will follow as work progresses.