Shropshire Council

Decision taken on the future of Ellesmere Library

23 December 2015 Last updated at 02:07

Plans to create a new community hub in Ellesmere by relocating the town’s existing library and customer service point from their existing location in Fullwood House to the nearby Meres Day Centre have been approved.

The decision was made on Thursday 17 December 2015 at a Joint Portfolio Holder Decision-Making Session between the Cabinet member for business and culture, and Cabinet member for resources, finance and support.

The proposals, which also include the transfer of the services, along with the existing Meres Day Centre service for older people and people with learning disabilities, from Shropshire Council to a new management organisation, were outlined in a report at the meeting. The new management organisation will be confirmed following an open procurement process.

Approval of the “Future management of Ellesmere Library Service and Customer Service Point” report follows months of extensive talks and consultations with local organisations and residents around the future and sustainability of Ellesmere Library, and has been ongoing since March 2015.

Out of the more than 300 residents and organisations who responded to the consultation survey, 40.13% supported proposal 1 to move the library and customer service point to the Meres Day Centre, whilst only 24.27% were in favour of proposal 2, for Shropshire Council to run the library with reduced opening hours. The remaining 35.6% of those who responded provided alternative proposals, though these did not provide the same opportunity as the Meres Day Centre to sustain the library within alternative management arrangements.

The Joint Portfolio Holder decision is subject to call in by scrutiny committee.

To view the full report click here.