Shropshire Council

Education, training and employment

Your personal adviser or social worker will help you to achieve the best possible opportunities for education, training and employment and will work with anyone else who can help you. We have a dedicated adviser from the Virtual School who will be happy to offer you careers advice whenever you need it. She is available through your personal adviser or you can drop in and see her at The Vicarage.


Shropshire Council has created apprenticeship opportunities for care leavers in several parts of children’s services and within the wider council. For more details, please contact the Leaving Care Team Manager on 01743 254590.

Help with the cost of full time education or attending university

Your personal adviser will discuss the financial and any other support that we will provide you with to support you whilst you are in full time education or attending university. If you are a former relevant care leaver and you enter a higher education course, we will provide you with financial support.

The support available will be discussed with you. You will however, always be provided with the following if you need it:

  • A weekly living allowance
  • A bursary of £2,000 divided over the length of your course
  • Help and support with the cost of accommodation during holidays. Support to communicate with a nominated support worker at the university to ensure all necessary support is provided
  • Support with educational equipment/materials

There is also a 16 -19-year-old bursary. Young people in care and care leavers are guaranteed a £1,200 bursary if you stay in full-time further education. We will help you to get in touch with education provider (school or college) to find out how to claim the bursary.