Shropshire Council

Shropshire's museums

Our museums

We run five museum sites across the Shropshire Council area, as well as a museum resource centre. They are:

The Shropshire Archives service also falls under the auspices of the Museums Service. Ludlow Museum is run by Ludlow Town Council.

What do our museums offer?

There's more to our museums than just exhibitions. Museums can provide a focus for local communities. They encourage a sense of place by interpreting the past and the environment around them. They celebrate and preserve the things that make Shropshire special. 

Shropshire's museums are a local resource supported by friends, volunteers and visitors. They are homes for artefacts, specimens and memories donated by the local community for future generations to enjoy and learn from.

Shropshire's museums also contribute to the local economy, attracting day trippers into the area and encouraging visitors to extend their stay. Shropshire Museums works closely with local groups such as the South Shropshire Tourism Association and the Shropshire Tourism and Marketing Consortium to contribute to raising the market profile of a town or locality, or the county as a whole. 

Contacts with the public touch far more than those counted at the museum doors. Services and benefits include outreach programmes, enquiry services, environmental records, events and research opportunities, not to mention our virtual visitors!

Other museums in Shropshire

From Shrewsbury Castle and Acton Scott Historic Working Farm to Ludlow Castle and Hawkstone Park Follies, Shropshire has a rich history, preserved and lovingly told across many museums and heritage sites across the county. For more information about the sites in Shropshire, take a look at the Shropshire Tourism website.

The following map shows the locations of museums in Shropshire.