Shropshire Council

Mile End improvements

Development within Oswestry has been heavily constrained by the existing capacity of the road network. Previous improvements to the Mile End junction addressed only existing traffic issues, and there has been a significant increase in traffic unrelated to proposed developments.

Improvements to the strategic highways network are required to bring forward planned housing and employment development that are facing significant infrastructure costs for traffic mitigation. This affects the viability of planned sites and local growth aspirations.

Delays in the development of housing and the lack of serviced employment land threaten the role and function of the town and the wider rural hinterland and its sustainability.

In March 2019 the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) announced the award of £9.3m from the Housing Infrastructure Fund (HIF) to improve the capacity of the road network on the A5 at Mile End and improve the viability of planned housing developments. This follows a funding bid by Shropshire Council in 2018. The planned housing is crucial to support demand for employment land in the locality.

We've been working with Homes England and Highways England to agree the proposed design of the Mile End improvements (see attached) and local stakeholders will have the opportunity to make comments before the preparation of a planning application later this year.

The proposed design is pedestrian and cyclist-friendly, and allows for all the cycling and walking movements being made in and around the area at present. If there is demand in future for extra pedestrian and cycle access, for instance once the Oswestry Innovation Park has been developed, additional infrastructure would be provided.

The work undertaken on the remodelling of the strategic road network at Mile End junction as part of the Housing Infrastructure Fund (HIF) proposal has resulted in the development of an innovative solution, which opens up land opportunities and would minimise disruption on the road network while the improvements are carried out.

Note: The planned improvements through the Housing Infrastructure Fund (HIF) grant only relate to the road junction improvements to support the planned housing developments, and is subject to final approval by Homes England and Highways England.