Shropshire Council

Bridgnorth residents' on-street parking scheme

A residents' on-street parking scheme operates in permitted areas of Bridgnorth. Each eligible household is entitled to up to two permits (one where specified) and each permit can have up to two car registrations on it.

A permit won't guarantee you a parking space, nor will it guarantee that you'll be able to park directly in front of your property. All permits must be displayed at all times when using this parking concession, and you may only park in the area specified on the permit.

Limited waiting bays permit

This permit allows parking in limited waiting bays only, and not designated permit-holder bays such as those in Friar’s Street, Railway Street, Cliff Road, Mold Court or Severn Cliff. 
The scheme is divided into zones, as follows: 

Zone 1 - East Castle Street (up to two permits with up to two car registrations on each)

  • East Castle Street: all numbers 
  • Castle Terrace: all numbers 
  • Castle Hill Walk: all numbers 
  • St. Mary's Steps: all numbers 
  • Waterloo Terrace: all numbers

Zone 2 - Friar’s Street, Riverside and Southwell Riverside (up to two permits with up to two car registrations on each)  

  • Friar’s Street: all numbers
  • Bank Steps: all numbers
  • Cartway: all numbers
  • Granary Steps: all numbers
  • Riverside: all numbers
  • St. Leonard's Steps: all numbers
  • Southwell Riverside: all numbers 

Zone 3 - St. Leonard's Close (up to two permits with up to two car registrations on each)

  • St. Leonard's Close: all numbers
  • St. Leonard's Steps: all numbers
  • Church Street: all numbers
  • Moat Street: all numbers 

Zone 4 - West Castle Street (up to two permits with up to two car registrations on each)

  • West Castle Street: all numbers
  • Bank Street: all numbers 

Zone 5 - St. Mary's Street (up to two permits with up to two car registrations on each)   

  • St. Mary's Street: all numbers 

Zone 6 - Underhill Street (one permit with up to two car registrations on each) 

  • Castle Court
  • Bakers Mews: all numbers
  • Stoneway House
  • Underhill Street: 1-2, 4-12, 40 and 42-46
  • April Cottage (Library Steps) 

Designated parking bays permit 

This permit allows residents of the following properties to park in designated parking bays in their area without restriction, but not limited waiting bays which are described above.  

Friar’s Street East (side) and West (side) 

One permit with up to two car registrations on each 

  • Friar’s Street: 10-21 & 59-83 
  • Cartway: 2-26, 67-85 & 93-95 
  • Orchard Cottages 
  • St. Leonard's Steps: all residents  

Railway Street 

(one permit with up to two car registrations on each). 

Railway Street:  numbers 6-50  

Please note: larger vehicles more than 5.5 metres long or 1.8 metres wide will not be eligible for a permit at this location. 

Cliff Road 

(includes Mold Court and Severn Cliff as determined by post codes) 

(one permit with up to two car registrations on each) 

  • WV16 4EY: all residents 
  • WV16 4NQ: all residents 
  • WV16 4EZ: all residents 
  • WV16 4HF: all residents  

Applying for a permit

How much is it?

Permits cost £50 per year (please note a £5 administration charge will apply should you lose your permit or if you need to change the details on it).

Where do I apply?

  • In person:  the service of renewing or applying for residents permits is no longer available at customer service points
  • By post: using the application form. Currently only cheques and postal orders are accepted by this method
  • If unable to pay by cheque or postal order, please contact us

What do I need to provide?

To apply for a resident’s parking permit, you'll need to provide the following:

  • Proof of residency - Current council tax demandutility billrent/tenancy agreement (current and in the name and address of the applicant), or driver’s licence
  • Payment - if via post we can only accept cheques and postal orders
  • Completed application form - if sending the application through the post

Visitors and carers

Residents can register visiting vehicles as part of the permit allocation per household. You don't have to own a vehicle or be its registered keeper. Residents can also register a carer's vehicle as part of their permit allocation. Alternatively, a non-resident carer may like to consider obtaining a waiver for health professionals.