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Public events can enhance community life in Shropshire, but there's potential for risks to public safety and adverse environmental effects posed by the numbers of people attending such events, unless proper management is in place.

In recognition of this, a safety advisory group (SAG) has been established to co-ordinate the efforts of relevant council departments and all others involved with the running of events.

The group comprises:

  • Shropshire Council
  • West Mercia Police
  • West Midlands Ambulance Service
  • Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service

Other stakeholders are included as necessary depending on the nature of the event.

Wherever there's an event there are safety implications, and generally the larger the event the more dangerous risks become. In order to prevent any serious danger to the public the SAG will give advice and information to the event organisers in order to make them aware, and to minimise any potential dangers. The type of event, size of potential audience and the venue should be established before the group is notified.

If you're interested in holding an event in Shropshire please complete the online form via the green button on this page, along with a completed copy of your event plan. Our emergency planning officer will then refer it to the SAG for consideration. You may be invited to attend a SAG meeting to present your plan and to hear the joint views of the various interested statutory agencies.

We've put together a contingency plan template for organisers of events, which is attached to this page. It covers all the basics that need to be assessed or completed, and further advice or information for organising an event.

Note: The SAG is not liable for any emergencies or problems that arise; event holders are legally responsible.