Shropshire Council

Plan review cycle

To date the Place Plans have been ‘live’ documents informed by an ‘annual conversation’ with the community including Town and Parish Councils, infrastructure and service providers and local businesses.

This ‘annual conversation’ has enabled the plans to provide an up to date record of infrastructure and investment needs within an area. We are currently reviewing how best to ensure Places Plans remain as ‘live’ documents that reflect local priorities whilst making best use of resources.

A formal annual review of the Place Plans with Parish and Town Councils will, therefore, not be taking place this year. However we welcome any changes to local infrastructure requirements proposed by Parish/Town Councils for integration into the documents next year.

Normal review cycle

Step Activity
Discuss locally September - December
Place Plan annual conversation with town and parish councils, local businesses, infrastructure and service providers to identify and prioritise development related infrastructure and wider investment needs within particular localities across Shropshire


End December - Early January 
Town and parish councils, private sector, local infrastructure and service providers submit annual place plan returns to Shropshire Council.

January - Early March
Shropshire Council collates place plan returns.  For the development related infrastructure needs, this includes prioritisation against the criteria in Core Strategy Policy CS9 and reviewing CIL priorities against the regulatory criteria for use of these funds.

Feedback and challenge

End March - Early May
Shropshire Council shares collated information with respondents.  

Potential for wider discussion and challege, eg, through LJCs.  

Any additional comments / questions returned to Shropshire Council by early May. 


May - June
Shropshire Council finalises place plans and cabinet papers are prepared.

Annual place plan review signed off by Shropshire Council Cabinet.