Shropshire Council

Plan structure

Each Place Plan is divided into two main sections:

1.  Development and associated infrastructure requirements

  • Summary of the development plan for the area, as identified in Shropshire’s Local Plan
  • The associated infrastructure needs and priorities required to ensure this growth is sustainable,
  • A plan of how these infrastructure requirements may be delivered.

2.  Wider investment priorities

  • Summary of the identified investment needs and priorities (irrespective of any new development) required to support the wider sustainability of communities within the Place Plan area.
  • A plan of how these investment requirements may be delivered.

As part of the ‘annual conversation’, we ask partners to review both sections and consider the following:

Development related infrastructure - What are the infrastructure needs within your area which are associated with new development and how would you prioritise these? Which of the infrastructure items do you consider should form a focus of monies received from new development (eg Community Infrastructure Levy).

Wider investment needs - What are the investment needs within your area (irrespective of development) and how would you prioritise these?

To help inform the ‘annual conversation’ each Place Plan also includes some background information:

Community led planning within the Place Plan area
Summary of the community vision and priorities within the Place Plan area identified through community led plans and wider consultation work with the local community.

Place Plan Profile
Summary of key data for the Place Plan area, to provide background context to the locality and assist in informing future decision making on infrastructure and investment priorities. Much of this profile information can be found in the facts and figures section of the website.

So far the focus has been on identifying infrastructure and investment needs within the towns, however work is underway to identify similar needs within Shropshire's rural settlements.

In looking at the needs of rural areas, each Place Plan distinguishes between those settlements who so far have identified themselves as either a community hub or as part of a wider community cluster through the Council's Site Allocations and Management of Development document (SAMDev). The identification of Community Hubs and Clusters is based upon an understanding of local aspirations for change or growth, with the Council's intention to focus investment opportunities into these areas.

Rural settlements who do not wish to be either Community Hubs or part of a Community Cluster will be designated as countryside and development will be strictly controlled. For more information on the emerging SAMDev document and the wider LDF process follow the relevant links on the left hand side of the page.

Updating Place Plans

The Place Plans are 'live' documents, meaning that they will be updated annually, although in the meantime the Council would like to hear any views people may have. This regular update will allow the Place Plans to reflect any changes to local priorities, for instance through the preparation of Town and Parish Plans.

Resource pack

To support and provide guidance for Town and Parish Councils during the Annual Review process of Place Plans we have produced a Resource Pack. This will help Town and Parish Councils to understand their role in the Annual Review process and help them to decide, with their communities and Local Elected Members, on what their future infrastructure priorities are for their area and use of the CIL.