Shropshire Council

What's a place plan?

In Shropshire, 18 Place Plans have been produced which identify the infrastructure and investment needs within each community.  They are aimed at ensuring that Shropshire Council and our partners understand the local priorities within each community and that resources can therefore be targeted appropriately.

The Place Plans are based around the 18 main market towns/key centres of Shrewsbury, Oswestry, Whitchurch, Wem, Ellesmere, Market Drayton, Minsterley/Pontesbury, Ludlow, Bishops Castle, Church Stretton, Cleobury Mortimer, Craven Arms, Bridgnorth, Albrighton, Broseley, Highley, Much Wenlock and Shifnal) and their wider hinterland.  Take a look at our map to view these areas.

The Place Plans are important to ensuring the delivery of sustainable places in Shropshire. They recognise that sustainability is based on many different factors and that what is needed to make and maintain a sustainable community in one place may differ in another. Each plan therefore details the priorities, needs and aspirations specific to a relevant location.

To date the Place Plans have been ‘live’ documents informed by an ‘annual conversation’ with the community including Town and Parish Councils, infrastructure and service providers and local businesses. This ‘annual conversation’ has enabled the plans to provide an up to date record of infrastructure and investment needs within an area. We are reviewing how best to conduct formal annual reviews of the Place Plans to make best use of resources and ensure they remain as ‘live’ documents. A formal annual review of the Place Plans with Parish and Town Councils will, therefore, not be taking place this year. However, we welcome any changes to local infrastructure requirements proposed by Parish/Town Councils for integration into the documents next year.

How are place plans used?

The place plans provide an important evidence base to:

  • Provide a focus for us to target service delivery at locally identified priorities.
  • Support delivery of Shropshire’s Local Plan - ensuring new development is supported by the necessary infrastructure, including identifying requirements for development contributions (including CIL, S106 and on site design).
  • Assist in informing planning decisions - forming a material consideration for planning applications.
  • Inform local partnership working - ensuring an agreed set of local priorities, coordinating actions and informing difficult decisions on where future resources should be targeted
  • Assist with external funding bids - providing evidence of local investment needs and priorities.
  • Provide transparency to local communities - identifying where local investment is being targeted.
  • Provide an area based resource of local information and evidence- designed to help inform and shape future decisions by all concerned with addressing important local issues

How do the place plans inform planning decisions?

The Place Plans form part of Shropshire’s Local Plan.  They outline the infrastructure requirements which are needed to support the level and location of development, as outlined in Shropshire’s adopted Core Strategy and the Site Allocations and Management of Development (SAMDev) Plan.

Shropshire’s Local Plan seeks to link new development to the provision of local community benefits and many of the policies within the Core Strategy and SAMDev Plan therefore refer to the need to consider the local aspirations set out within the Place Plans. As such, the Place Plans are an important material consideration for planning applications.

In addition, the Place Plans provide the framework for the targeted us of developer contributions, including on site design, S106 and CIL. In particular, the infrastructure priorities identified within the Place Plans informs the content of the CIL Regulation 123 List, which sets out those infrastructure needs which will be delivered through the use of CIL.

Please Note: The CIL Regulation 123 List is updated annually, and infrastructure not included within this list, can still benefit from CIL funds in the future.

Further information on Shropshire’s Local Plan and developer contributions can be found in the planning policy section of the website.

How do place plans inform the work of Shropshire Council and our partners?

We are undergoing a period of significant change in the way that public services are funded, commissioned and delivered.   Local authority funding from central Government is likely to be under continued downward pressure which is creating an opportunity to do things differently, to improve what we do for our customers whilst also ensuring we become more efficient.

As a council, we are focusing on delivering outcomes for our customers. The Place Plans are central to achieving this as they providing an up to date local evidence base of what is important to our communities.  

The Place Plan ‘annual conversation’ enables us to work closely with local communities and our partners to identify needs and priorities and to work together to develop the best solutions to deliver the outcomes that are needed.   We are currently reviewing how best to ensure Places Plans remain as ‘live’ documents that reflect local priorities whilst making best use of resources. A formal annual review will, therefore, not be taking place this year. However, the Council will welcome any changes to local infrastructure requirements proposed by Parish/Town Councils for integration into the documents next year.