Shropshire Council

Local plan partial review 2016-2036

Update on the Local Plan timetable   

Unfortunately, due to the current Coronavirus emergency the Council has decided to pause decision making and consultation on the emerging Local Plan Review. This means that the Pre-Submission version of the Local Plan will not take place in May 2020 as previously agreed.  The council will now seek to take this decision in July 2020, and follow this with public consultation between July and September. The pause in the programme to reflect the current Coronavirus emergency will also have an impact on the ongoing Local Plan timetable.  It is now expected the Council will submit the Plan for examination in early 2021, with adoption expected in early 2022. The Council will update its Local Development Scheme (LDS) to reflect this change to the programme in due course. 

A partial review of the local plan is consistent with the NPPF, which specifies in paragraph 153 that the local plan can be reviewed “in whole or in part to respond flexibly to changing circumstances".

Find out more about is and what is involved, including links to relevant evidence and consultations in this section.

The information under the related links section is all used to inform the review.