Shropshire Council

Woore Neighbourhood Plan

The emerging Woore Neighbourhood Plan has reached the examination stage. The plan is being prepared by Woore Parish Council.

Woore Parish Council submitted a draft version of the plan to us in May 2018. We then consulted on the draft version (known as the Regulation 16 stage) in June 2018. We received a number of representations to the draft, which are attached to this page. The draft version and associated documents are also included on this page. Please note that the consultation has now closed and we're not accepting any further comments.

Examiner’s report

Following the examination into the Woore Neighbourhood Plan in late 2018, Shropshire Council received the examiner’s report in December. The report concludes that the plan can proceed to referendum, but recommends that a number of modifications are made.

A report is due to be discussed by the council’s cabinet in March to agree the next steps for the Woore Neighbourhood Plan, including the referendum. More information on this will be included on this page soon.

If cabinet agrees to the plan proceeding to referendum, we will provide further details of this process on this webpage in due course. 


We've appointed John Parmiter as the independent examiner for the plan. It's the role of the examiner to assess the plan and to decide if it has met the basic conditions and can proceed to a referendum. 

Mr Parmiter will rely on the submission plan and other supporting documentation in his examination, together with the representations that were made to it. 

Mr Parmiter will prepare his written report into the plan in the next few weeks. If he considers that it has met the basic conditions, or is capable of doing so with some amendments, the plan will proceed to a referendum. If the plan is agreed at referendum we'll proceed to agreeing it, at which point it will become part of the statutory development plan for the area. More information on the referendum will follow. 

Update on the Woore examination

John Parmiter, the independent examiner appointed currently assessing the Woore Neighbourhood Plan, has informed us that the plan should be informed by a habitat regulation assessment (HRA) screening assessment. Whilst the impact upon environmental assets has been considered as part of the SEA screening assessment carried out by Woore Parish Council as part of their preparation of the plan, it is now considered necessary for us, as the responsible body, to undertake a specific HRA screening assessment to provide further certainty about the plan’s likely impacts on protected sites.

Mr Parmiter has therefore agreed to suspend the examination for a short period to allow us to undertake this process. An HRA screening assessment has therefore been prepared and is being consulted until Friday 7 December.

Following the consultation we'll consider any comments made and adjust the assessment if required. The final version of the assessment will then be sent to Mr Parmiter for his consideration, after which he will finalise his report. It's likely therefore that the examination process will be concluded by mid-December.