Shropshire Council

Flexible eligibility statement of intent

We support the new local authority 'flexible eligibility' element of the Energy Company Obligation, and believe that flexible eligibility offers greater opportunities for us and our partners to support and assist fuel poor households and those at risk from cold homes.

In order to meet the challenges presented by fuel poverty and cold homes, we run the affordable warmth service Keep Shropshire Warm in partnership with the Marches Energy Agency. The service was procured in August 2017, and will be the main vehicle through which we aim to deliver measures under ‘flexible eligibility’.

Our corporate plan recognises the benefits of a healthier population and enabling people to live independently in their own homes. In addition, the Health and Wellbeing Board embraces the principles outlined in the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines relating to minimising winter deaths, illness and the health risks associated with cold homes.

The purpose is to use the scheme to help address fuel poverty and the risks to health from poorly insulated and/or ineffectively heated homes for low income, vulnerable households. We'll do this by:

  • Maximising the uptake of more effective heating and other measures for off-gas properties, especially electrically heated, oil, LPG and solid fuelled properties
  • Maximising the uptake of cavity wall and loft insulation measures
  • Developing schemes to support off-gas park home residents
  • Developing other schemes as opportunities arise
  • Supporting delivery of measures to ‘hard-to-treat homes’, particularly those with solid walls
  • Further developing and strengthening referral and signposting routes between key health and housing partners

Take a look at our full flexible eligibility statement of intent document.