Shropshire Council

Feedback from our customers

On this page you'll find a selection of feedback we've recently received from Shropshire residents who have already benefitted from the Warmer Homes Shropshire scheme.

Barry is a local resident who recently received a gas connection and free central heating through the scheme. He shares his thoughts on the scheme in this video...

Flick of a switch is a game-changer

Newly-qualified nurse Claire, from Bayston Hill, describes how she's no longer shivering under her duvet!

Warmer times for farming family

It’s not just Mrs C's family members who have benefited from the Warmer Homes Shropshire initiative – the calves on the farm are feeling the positive effects too.

Other comments

Mrs T, Shrewsbury

"I'm very pleased with everything the young men did, they were very efficient, didn't waste time and cleaned up when they had finished. It will be lovely having the house warm. it's so nice to be warm after 60 years without central heating.”

Mr and Mrs S, south Shropshire

“It's absolutely brilliant. I am pleased to say the work was carried out cleanly, speedily and with no bother to ourselves. We're pleased with the result and workmanship - you couldn't fault anything, they were great. Thank you so much for everything you've done."

Mr and Mrs D, Bayston Hill

"Kept your promises. Any problems you kept me informed. A cheerful and professional service. The actual installation went magnificently. The installers were tidy. Having proper heating is excellent."