Shropshire Council

Harassment and illegal eviction

If you fear you're being harassed or illegally evicted by your landlord you should seek advice immediately.  Shelter, the Citizen’s Advice Bureau and our own Housing Options Team can all offer advice in the first instance. If you're eligible for legal aid you can also call Civil Legal Advice on 0345 345 4345.

In order to ask you to leave, your landlord must follow the correct legal procedure. The exact process will depend on what type of tenancy you have, but if they don't follow the process it could be an illegal eviction. You can find more information on the process your landlord must follow from Shelter, the Citizen’s Advice Bureau and

It's also an offence for your landlord to harass you, do anything which they know is likely to make you leave the property when you don't want to, or prevent you from exercising your legal rights. This includes things like repeatedly disturbing you, disconnecting utility supplies, creating noise or preventing you from accessing the property.

Additionally, there are new rules where eviction is taking place following a complaint being made about conditions in the property, where we've been involved in relation to these conditions. Further details on this can be found on the Shelter website.

If you contact our Housing Options Team about an illegal eviction or because you're being harassed by your landlord, a referral may be made to the Community Protection Team, who will investigate the situation. It's not possible for us to deal with potential illegal evictions or landlord harassment without contacting the landlord and discussing the issues.