Project WIP


Busyness as usual…

Somehow it’s spring already, despite Christmas seeming like yesterday. Having said that, the conveyor belt has been rumbling along at an unprecedented pace, and we’ve managed to unleash a slew of new service areas in the intervening weeks, delivering the following to an unsuspecting public…

As you can see, these services cover a wide range of the council’s overall remit, and this has been reflected in how we’ve approached the designs. Travel and transport-related areas have been given a themed design, giving a consistency and a pseudo-brand beneath the council’s existing overarching identity. Contrastingly, services with a unique offering, such as Acton Scott, have had that nature reflected in a one-off design.

We feel that the sum of those parts works well in a design sense, while simplification on the content side gives the customer a much clearer path to what they actually want to do. Content links from the homepages were chosen using a combination of Google Analytics research, establishing which pages had been the most popular over the preceding year or so, and mini-UX sessions with the services themselves, where appropriate.

As ever, we’d be delighted to hear your thoughts and ideas. Sadly, we can’t offer cash prizes for any ideas we adopt  as we crack on with the overhaul of more service areas, but as ever we’ll be as graceful as possible in presenting anything blatantly plagiarised.

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