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Our yearly review

What we did in 2017, and what we plan to do in 2018!

Busyness as usual…

Latest releases from Planet WIP

New Year, new projects, same dedication

A quick reflection on 2016, and a sneaky peak at what is ahead in 2017

New SEND/local offer pages now live!

The second part of the ‘Ambitious Plan’ trilogy…

There and back again

Luca talks about his time with us, starting with his placement last year.

What’s going on?

Yes, we’ve been quiet recently, but we’ve been very busy…!

Early Help and an ambitious plan…

We’ve just finished the first phase of a project to update our early help pages.

The Fulcrum Project

Recent activities from the WIP frontline…

Personas and profiling (who needs the FBI?)

How can you make sure your website is suitable for your customers? Well try putting yourselves in their shoes!

Much ado about Parking

This week we pushed out our latest addition to, the highly anticipated but occasionally troublesome Parking pages.

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