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£204,269.08 – an Open Source Update

Eye catching title huh? In my previous post (Open Source? Yeah, we’ve heard of it…) I talked in brief about how we were using Open Source and how it was saving the Council significant amounts of money. We have now calculated that we are directly saving the council £204k over an initial 5 year period […]

Spell checking your searches

Our search engine (RICE) has the ability to detect and suggest corrections for spelling errors.  It is designed to assist our users in finding what they want quickly and helping people (like me) who have difficulty spelling. It was a feature which provided some difficulty to implement, taking two iterations before being useful enough to […]

Auto-completing search queries

Our search engine (RICE) has a feature called ‘auto-complete’. As you type into the search box, it will suggest terms that you might be searching for. To do this we use JavaScript events to respond as you type within the search box.  Each time you press a key, we send a request back to the search […]