Shropshire Council

Where does my recycling go?

We collect thousands of tonnes of recycling every year and people often ask what happens to the material. As a signatory to the national End Destinations of Recycling Charter we're keen to advertise what happens to your recycling to show that it all gets recycled into useful items, mostly in the UK, so your recycling is helping to supply UK manufacturing and supporting jobs in industry. Take a look at our 'Journey of recycling' explanation for more information.

Here are some examples:

Resource What happens
paper.jpg Paper goes to UPM Shotton paper mill near Chester where it is pulped and turned into newspapers.
mixed-glass.jpg Glass goes to Glass Recycling UK where It is crushed and melted down to make glass bottles.
metal-packaging.jpg Cans goes to Morris Metals And Novelis where they get shredded and melted down to make new cans, fridges, car parts, bicycles and even aeroplanes!
plastic-packaging.jpg Plastics go to Veolia’s Rainham PRF in Essex. They get separated into different types which can be used to make fleeces, water butts, drainage pipes and more plastic packaging.
garden-waste.jpg Garden waste goes to local farms in Shropshire.  It is shredded, composted and spread on the land as a soil improver.
textiles.jpg Textiles go to JMP Wilcox. Wearable items get sold on in charity shops across the UK and in developing countries. Items not fit for re-use are shredded to make cushion stuffing.
wood-and-timber.jpg Wood goes to A&A Recycling Ltd in the West Midlands. It is sorted by grade. Good quality wood can be recycled at to make chipboard. Lower grade material is used to create green energy.
cardboard.jpg Cardboard goes to Oswestry Waste Paper in Shropshire. It is baled and sold on to various reprocessors including Smurfitt-Kappa paper mill in Birmingham who make cardboard packaging.
tyres.jpg Tyres go to DME in Staffordshire. They can be shredded down and used to make childrens playground surfaces. Some are also used as a fuel in the cement making industry helping to reduce fossil fuel use.
batteries.jpg Batteries go to G&P Batteries Ltd in the West Midlands. Once sorted they are sent to metal smelting facilities in the UK and France.
fridges-and-freezers.jpg Fridges go to Aquaforce in the West Midlands. They have to be treated carefully to remove the CFC's and then the metal and foam can be recycled.
tvs-and-monitors.jpg TV's go to Recycling Lives in Preston and Veolia in Bridgnorth. They are carefully dismantled to avoid hazardous material and stripped for components. All parts of the TV can be recycled including the glass screen
small_appliances_logo.jpg Small electrical appliances go to EMR in the West Midlands where they are shredded to allow plastics, metals and glass to be separated for recycling.
hardcore_rubble.jpg Hardcore & rubble goes to Tudor Griffiths in Shropshire to be crushed and seived to produce a recycled gravel.
used_oil.jpg Oil goes to Oil Salvage Ltd in Liverpool where it is cleaned up and used to produce a low grade heating fuel which is used to heat UK factories.
car-batteries.jpg Car Batteries go to G&P Batteries in the West Midlands. They first remove and neutralise the battery acid, to allow the valuable lead to be extracted for recycling.