Shropshire Council


Challenge Fund bid

In December 2012 Shropshire Council was awarded Additional Local Highways Maintenance Funding from the Department of Transport of £2.292m in 2013/14 and £1.227m in 2014/15. This was a dedicated fund to provide for essential maintenance to renew, repair and extend the life of the highway network.

This note sets out how the additional funding has been used by Shropshire Council and how it has complemented the planned highway maintenance expenditure.

How the funding was used in 2013/14

The funding in 2013/14 was used in addition the existing highways maintenance programme that is delivered by the Highways Divisions across the County. The funding was allocated to a centralised countywide budget for highway re-surfacing of the highest priority schemes in Shropshire, identified from network condition data. The budget was used to design and implement schemes in 2013/14 and also to identify schemes to be designed ready for implementation in early 2014/15.

The order in which schemes were delivered and also the number was dependent on various factors including:

  • Complexity of design
  • Co-ordination of road space
  • Seasonal construction operations
  • Environmental constraints
  • Availability of resources
  • Availability of contractor’s resources

Schemes delivered in 2013/14

Resurfacing schemes delivered in 2013/14 with this funding included:

  • A456 Wooferton to Gosford
  • A488 Kennel X Roads to Lydham
  • A464 Victoria Road
  • B4371 Ticklerton Road Junction to Wall
  • B4378 Brockton Crossroads to Patton House Farm
  • B4176 Tinkers Castle - county boundary
  • The Mount (30MPH speed limit to start Frankwell)
  • B4214 Tenbury Road Clee Hill
  • B4555 Borlmill Junction to junction with B4363
  • Westbury to Stoney Stretton crossroads
  • Copthorne Road (roundabout to right junction new street)
  • Cruckton to Woodcote Roundabout
  • A525 'Oldfields' to Catterhall Lane
  • A458 Shelton Lights
  • A41/A5 Pickmere Roundabout

Schemes delivered in 2014/15

The additional grant monies for the countywide resurfacing programme for 2014/15 of £1.227m have been supplemented by other monies to deliver a £3.4m Countywide resurfacing programme. The advanced identification and design of some schemes in 2013/14 will enable some schemes to be delivered in early 2014/15.

Initial resurfacing schemes programmed for delivery in 2014/15 include:

  • Completion of 2013/14 resurfacing schemes at B4555 Borlmill Junction to junction with B4363, Cruckton to Woodcote Roundabout and Westbury to Stoney Stretton crossroads.
  • A458 Newton Bank
  • A529 Spoonley Junction to Adderley Road Roundabout
  • A525 Audlem Road Woore (From County Boundary)
  • A53 Albrightlee House to Bings Heath
  • A5191 Spring Gardens
  • B5065 Soulton Road Wem (Wem 30MPH to Lacon Hall)
  • Frankwell (Frankwell Roundabout to left Junction Mardol)
  • B5063 Wem 30 MPH (west) to Lowe Hill Road Junction
  • Duddlestone Heath Village
  • A488 Halston Bends