Shropshire Council

Better driving

Greener driving - save money and reduce your C02 emissions

Plan your journey

Avoid wasting fuel by getting lost or having to take detours for road works or closures. Plan your route in advance using an online journey planner like AA route planner.

Drive less

Consider whether you need to make your journey by car. Alternatives such as cycling or park and ride are often quicker and more convenient options, particularly when travelling around town.

If driving is your only option, think about saving money by finding someone to car share with. Take a look at the carshare website for Shropshire and Telford.

Car clubs

Pay as you go cars are now available in Shrewsbury, Bishop's Castle and Ludlow. Join Co-Wheels Shropshire to access these cars which allow you to drive when you need to without the additional costs of owning a car. Find out more.

Safer driving – tips, advice and training

Visit the Institute of Advanced Motoring (IAM) website for some useful tips and advice on becoming a safer driver in many different situations and circumstances.

There are a number of different courses and tests available to help you to improve your driving skills including: