Shropshire Council

School crossing patrols

We have a small but dedicated group of school crossing patrols who, come rain, hail or snow, cross our children and families to and from school in safety. The patrols operate at the following locations:

  • Sandpits Road, Ludlow
  • Station Road, Whitchurch

On our busy roads, it takes special qualities to step out and stop traffic and keep the attention of children until they are crossed safely. Our patrols are valued and respected by the Council and the communities they serve.

A school crossing patrol has the authority to stop all traffic when displaying the school crossing patrol sign.

Drivers and riders please remember to look out for our patrols and be ready to stop if instructed to do so. If you ignore the sign you're committing an offence and can be prosecuted. You're also putting the lives of our patrol and the pedestrians at serious risk when they're crossing the road.

Visit the Highway Code website for information on pedestrian rules for crossing the road. The website also offers best practice advice for crossing at all types of junctions and crossings.