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Stepping Out - practical child pedestrian training

Our Road Safety Officer is able to offer child pedestrian training to Primary and Junior schools across Shropshire. Research has shown that this practical training delivered at the road side greatly increases children’s awareness on deciding how and where to cross the road safely.

This scheme of work has been developed to help children between the ages of seven and nine (school years 3/4) develop basic pedestrian skills. This is the age when some children are beginning to travel independently, and it's vitally important that they have the skills necessary to keep themselves safe near traffic.

The ‘Stepping Out’ training scheme was developed and piloted in Staffordshire, and has now been operating in Shropshire since 2006, receiving very positive responses from schools, parents and pupils. The course includes classroom-based activities and worksheets with two practical sessions at the roadside, which are organised and supported by the Road Safety Officer.

Although this scheme is more suitable for the county’s urban schools, the majority of rural schools also take part. Should the location of the school not be suitable, the Road safety Officer can offer year 3 and 4 children an alternative road safety session in the classroom or utilising the school playground.

For further information, please contact our Road Safety Officer using the details on this page.


Ray Hughes, Active Travel and Road Safety Officer 

Tel: 07535 116661

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