Shropshire Council

Shropshire Schools Governors' Council

The Shropshire School Governors' Council (SSGC) was founded in 1992, with a membership of 30 schools, as a response to the increasing delegation of unfamiliar powers for the direct running of schools resulting from government legislation. Local governors recognised that they needed a means whereby they could gain and offer mutual support and advice. While the local authority was also a major stakeholder, it was appreciated that there was also a need to maintain links with the council through some form of independent yet accountable board.

From that original small group of 30 founding school governors, the Shropshire School Governors' Council has now expanded such that all governors in the county's schools are automatically members.

In the subsequent 15 years, the SSGC has become a major consultee on many important matters concerning the well-being of Shropshire schools.


Members of the SSGC Executive meet on a regular basis to develop and enhance the support and communication of information available to all Shropshire governors. 

The local authority and SSGC meet with chairs and SSGC liaison governors on a term-by-term basis, which also affords the opportunity for information exchange. The minutes of these meetings will be published on this page, once they've been approved by the members.

At their annual conference and annual general meeting, governors have the opportunity to participate in topical discussion and debate led by national speakers.