Shropshire Council

Carer's assessment

It's important for you to remain fit and well to continue in your caring role, and a carer's assessment is a way of identifying your needs and the support you may be eligible for. It'll consider the impact which providing care and support has on you and your health and wellbeing, and considers important aspects including:

  • Whether you're able and willing to carry on caring
  • Whether you're currently working or want to work in future
  • Whether you want to study or socialise more
  • What can you do to remain well?

There are various organisations which can support you in this, along with ensuring that you have regular health check ups, and stay fit and active and remain independent.

What support is available for carers?

Carers are eligible for funded support in their own right. The national eligibility threshold for carers is set out in the Care and Support (Eligibility Criteria) Regulations 2014. The threshold is based on a carer's needs while providing necessary care to an adult, without there being a significant impact on their wellbeing. Find out more by attending a 'Lets Talk Local' session, or using our First Point of Contact (FPOC) service.