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This page gives an overview of Let’s Talk Local in Shropshire. Detailed information about other areas of adult social care can be found in our other factsheets. For further information or to request a copy of any factsheet call the First Point of Contact (FPoC) telephone service on 0345 678 9044 or visit our online information and resource directory

What is Let’s Talk Local?

When you contact Shropshire Council, if it is not possible to resolve your enquiry online at Shropshire Choices website, or on the phone, then you will be offered a date, time and place to see someone to discuss your queries face to face with a skilled social care practitioner. We call this a ‘Let’s Talk Local’ appointment. The person you initially speak to over the phone will establish whether you need support to be fully involved in any discussions or assessments that are carried out. If this is the case, you will have the opportunity to nominate a suitable person to help you. If you are unable to nominate a suitable person then the Council can assist you in finding an Independent Advocate to help provide you with the necessary support.

What happens next?

Shortly afterwards, you will receive a letter confirming the details of your Let’s Talk Local appointment and the name of the person you are seeing. These appointments happen in a range of places within local communities throughout Shropshire. We aim to make these appointments welcoming and easy to get to.

Your appointment

During your appointment the practitioner may need to take some notes to supplement the information you’ve already given over the phone. It will be agreed with you what information is going to be recorded and this will be put into a form called a Personal Profile. The Personal Profile form asks a number of questions in order to find out what is really important to you in relation to having a good life and remaining independent within your community. It will also explore what is currently going well and what isn’t working and needs to change. Finally, it concludes with a short action plan with a list of who is going to do what (some these actions may need to be done by you). You will be provided with a copy of the Personal Profile and the council will keep a copy in case you need to get back in contact in the future.

Care Needs Assessment

For some people, it will be necessary to carry out a more detailed assessment of your needs. This assessment will help to draw conclusions about whether you require additional support. These decisions are guided by The Care Act (2014) which helps to provide direction regarding your eligibility to further support. This will add to your action plan which will be created and agreed in partnership with the practitioner that you meet with.

Carers Assessment

If you receive support from family or friends, you may wish to consider having a combined assessment which will capture not only your needs but also the needs of your carer which may arise as a result of them providing you with necessary support. Alternatively a carer may wish to arrange for their own assessment to occur independently. This type of assessment will also take place within a Let’s Talk Local venue (unless you are unable to travel).

Our mission

Putting you and your loved ones at the heart of these conversations is crucial to understanding your requirements and the outcomes you wish to achieve. We do this by applying a well-rounded approach to examining not only how your needs affect you but also the impact of your needs on family members or others in your support network.

Your future

We recognise that you may have needs that change. With this in mind you will be provided with a review appointment where necessary, in order to ensure that your initial plan is still working well for you.

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