Shropshire Council

Public Health Nursing Service

The Public Health Nursing Service consists of health visitors, school nurses, the Family Nurse Partnership and skilled practitioners to support the Healthy Child Programme delivery. The aim of the Public Health Nursing Service is to support health outcomes for children and young people, and they are able to offer support, information and signposting on a number of issues, for example healthy eating, physical activity, continence, toilet training, emotional health and wellbeing, relationships, sexual health, accident prevention and oral health, dependent upon each child or young person’s needs. A nurse may provide information or be asked to undertake an assessment as part of an education health and care plan and/or provide support as part of the plans recommendations.

All children are offered a health review at age one and two to two-and-a-half years of age, and if required additional support is provided or referral made to a specialist service. Further health assessments are being introduced between the ages of five and 14.

The service can offer support on managing long-term conditions such as asthma, allergies, epilepsy and diabetes, as well as providing training to mainstream schools on how to support children and young people with these conditions in the school environment.

The service also provide a specialist community public health nurse (SEND) and Healthy Child Programme practitioner who work in partnership to deliver innovative and evidence-based care to early years, special education settings, travelling families and the home-educated within Shropshire. The team provides specialist leadership and support to the 0-19 Public Health Nursing Team in care planning for children with special educational needs, EHCP and/or long-term conditions.

Parents and young people can self-refer into the service using the dedicated single point of access telephone number (0333 358 3654) or by texting 07520 635212 for a health visitor or 07507 330346 for a school nurse. Referrals are also accepted from other professionals.