Shropshire Council

Shropshire Domestic Abuse Service

The Shropshire Domestic Abuse Service (SDAS) is a specialist domestic abuse service funded and commissioned in various ways to help support, educate and empower all those affected by domestic and sexual abuse who currently live in or need to flee to the county of Shropshire. We work with a survivor-led focus and in a multi-agency arena, ensuring that a full holistic package of support is available and provided.

Accommodation service

We have a large women’s refuge and up to a further ten bed spaces available for anyone fleeing domestic abuse from anywhere in the country. We're able to accommodate male victims in our smaller properties; at no time will the safe accommodation be mixed gender.

We work alongside other agencies to support those with additional needs or those who have specific care and support packages, ensuring that those agencies have safe and appropriate access to the refuge should this be a requirement of the support.

Part of our assessment process is a risk assessment where we discuss disabilities and any other additional needs for both the adult and any accompanying children to ensure that we're able to offer the right levels of support to the whole family.

Outreach service

We offer one to one support, advice, advocacy, guidance and education to anyone living in Shropshire. We travel to the local area to support people in their communities or in places where they feel safe to travel to and from. We offer email and telephone support if preferred or required.

Where we're supporting people with identified learning needs, disabilities or other additional needs we work alongside specialists to tailor our support package so it's accessible to all. 

Children and young people's (CYP) service

The CYPs team supports specific children and young people from families that our outreach and accommodation services refer to them. 

We support many children and young people who have additional needs, some of which are as a result of living in a domestic abuse household, and we're always sure to pitch our level of support at the emotional age of the CYP where identified and possible. We will seek guidance from schools, positive parent carers and the children and young people themselves to ensure our package of support is accessible to all.


We run weekly education groups around domestic abuse and its impact on survivors and their children. These groups aim to build an understanding of the dynamics of domestic abuse, help survivors rebuilding their self-esteem and worth, as well as signposting and referring to other non-domestic abuse-related courses and groups being run by other agencies.

Where a person with additional needs may struggle in a group environment we can offer additional sessions outside of the main group, or alternatives to group attendance such as one to one delivery.  Where possible we encourage group attendance for the benefit of peer support and a reduction in isolation, and we'll discuss options with the identified survivor to be sure we're meeting their needs.

How to access our service

The referral line is open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm.