Shropshire Council

Short breaks for 0-5 years

If your child has a disability or special educational need, we can provide short breaks in school holidays.

What can my child access?

We work with you to find the most suitable way of providing this break. For those aged 4 and over, there are activity clubs around the county. For those from 0 - 5, we can look for a local childminder, nursery or holiday club which can meet your child's needs. In some circumstances we can talk to you about having support in your own home or staff taking your child out from home.

How does my child access the short breaks programme?

Short breaks for 0-5 years is part of Shropshire's 'All In' programme. To take part in our ‘All In’ activities you need to register as a member.   

How will I know that my child is going to be well cared for?

We talk to you and collect detailed information about your child's needs and make sure that the staff supporting them have the training that they need. Our staff are all committed, well trained and supervised to ensure that they do a really good job. If you'd like more information, please contact:

Shropshire Community Short Breaks
Kingsland House
39 Abbey Foregate
Shrewsbury SY2 6BL

Telephone: 01743 285765