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Special educational needs (SEN) support

SEN support in school

Where a pupil is identified as having SEN, schools are required to take action to remove barriers to learning and put effective special educational provision in place through the use of their notional SEN budget.  This SEN support takes the form of a four part cycle:

  • Assess
  • Plan
  • Do
  • Review

During this cycle earlier decisions and actions are revisited, refined and revised with a growing understanding of the pupil's needs, and of what supports the pupil in making good progress and securing good outcomes. This is known as the 'Graduated approach'.

For higher levels of need, schools should have arrangements in place to draw on more specialised assessment from external agencies.    

Where a pupil continues to make less than expected progress, despite evidence-based support and interventions matched to the pupil’s area of need, the school must consider involving specialists, including those secured by the school itself or from outside agencies. The pupil’s parents/carers should always be involved in any decision to involve specialists.