Shropshire Council

Activities in your community

There's a wide variety of activities available in Shropshire, some provided through our commissioned services, such as All-in or Positive Activities, and some through private, voluntary, and charitable providers throughout the county.

The activities available range across:

  • Universal services accessible to all children, young people and families
  • Targeted services accessible to children, young people, and families requiring some specific additional support, such as specialist equipment or trained staff
  • Specialist services with a higher level of specialist knowledge in an area such as providing overnight residential care to children with complex health or social care needs

Where to find local activities and events

There are many ways that you can find out about activities happening in your area:

Specialist play centres

Across Shropshire, there are many children’s play centres. Lots of these have recognised the need for specifically tailored play sessions or sensory / play areas that are more suitable for children with SEN and disability. Some of these play centres are designed to meet the needs of children with complex care and learning difficulties. We recommend that you contact a centre to discuss your family’s needs before you go just to be sure that your experience will be positive once you arrive. You could contact any play centre to discuss your needs and see if they can accommodate them, but if you feel you want an experience specifically designed to suit families like yours the play centres outlined below are a great place to start.

If you feel that there's not a suitable play centre that your family can use, please contact us using the details on this page and we can share your concerns with our commissioning teams and local businesses to encourage further growth and development in the community.

In Shropshire these play centres are:

  • Little Rascals – based in Monkmoor in Shrewsbury, it has a sensory room and specialist SEN and disability play sessions on Saturday mornings and Wednesday evenings
  • Jungle Land – found at Trench Lock, Telford, this soft play facility operates a relaxed session on Saturday mornings, as well as the first Monday evening of each month (which is offered free of charge where you can produce a letter, DLA, or other confirmation of a child's SEN or disability)
  • Pirates and Princesses – based in Halesfield, Telford, this play centre has a specialist sensory room that has been fully adapted to meet the needs of children with SEN and disabilities