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Advice from the Sensory Inclusion Service as children return to schools

29 June 2020 Last updated at 03:44

Information from the Sensory Inclusion Service

As children are returning to schools we wanted to ensure that, if hearing impaired and visually impaired children are amongst that group, we offer settings specific advice to inform risk assessments and practice. The team has been in contact with schools and families over the course of COVID 19 and has been offering ongoing support and advice throughout this time. 

'Advice for Educational Settings regarding children and young people with a hearing impairment' and 'Advice for Educational Settings regarding visual impairment' – these 2 documents offer generic advice on the particular issues related to Sensory Impaired children returning to schools and suggested strategies to help overcome challenges they might face. Each individual situation will require individual consideration.

'Specific issues around equipment for children and young people with a hearing impairment.' This is Health and Safety advice intended to inform any wider school risk assessments around the management of equipment in light of social distancing guidelines and viral control.

The advice has been approved by the Telford and Wrekin Health and Safety team and SEND leadership. Clearly, the situation is constantly changing and it is likely that they will change their advice as the situation develops. SIS are available to offer support to settings and advice in drawing up individual risk assessments for sensory impaired children within these settings.

Graham Groves and Theresa Robinson, Joint Team Leaders
Sensory Inclusion Service