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Ask, Listen, Do NHS survey - tell us about your experience

06 December 2017 Last updated at 10:08

Ask, Listen, Do is a new concerns and complaints project running an online survey from 22 November to 12 January - tell us about your experiences.

Children, young people and adults with a learning disability, autism or both have a right to good care, like everyone else. People and their families also have a right to say how they feel about this care and how happy they are with it, be it from giving feedback to talking about a concern with staff, or making a written complaint to the organisation

The law says organisations must listen to everyone equally and make reasonable adjustments for people’s disabilities, so people and their families do not lose out. When a complaint is about something that has caused or may cause harm to someone, this can become a safeguarding concern or a crime. This gives the organisation other duties to keep the person safe and to work within the law.

NHS England is working with the Local Government Association and others on this new project about concerns and complaints in health, education and social care.

The Ask, Listen, Do commitment


  • The person, their family or their advocate know how to give feedback, raise a concern or make a complaint
  • The organisation asks people to do this
  • Everyone knows when a concern or complaint is a safeguarding or criminal issue, and what must happen


  • The organisation really listens to what has been said and understands what it feels like for the person


  • The organisation does something positive about it in good time and tells the person what they're doing to put it right. The organisation learns from the concern or complaint and changes things so the service can improve