Shropshire Council

Have your say: High Needs Review for Shropshire

07 December 2017 Last updated at 10:08

You'll already be aware that we've commissioned a review of our high needs provision for learners with education, health and care plans (EHCPs). It's important that we gather the views of all stakeholders to inform the outcome of this review.

Initial analysis has identified:

  • Significant growth in both speech language and communication needs (SLCN) and autistic spectrum conditions (ASC). Although most of these learners can flourish in mainstream schools, increasing numbers struggle in mainstream classrooms. With the right support they're able to access the mainstream curriculum, but not without extra help and the right environment
  • In Shropshire (as nationally) there's a trend towards increasing complexity of need – children are presenting with higher levels of need, or with complex combinations of need that haven't been seen before, even by experienced specialist staff. More and more learners can't adequately be described as having a single category of need, and many have a range of overlapping factors that impact on their learning

More information, including the initial proposals, can be found on our consultation page, which also gives you the opportunity to give us your feedback. We recognise that this process must be shaped through co-production with a wide range of stakeholders, including parents, carers, young people and education providers. We'd be grateful for any feedback you can give us as this will play a significant role in shaping the final development plan.

We're working to tight timescales that will culminate in a plan for the development of specialist provision to be published on our website in March 2018.