Shropshire Council

Updated EHCP Consent Form

17 December 2020 Last updated at 03:46


The EHCP Consent Form has been updated.  The main changes are:

- Additional wording added regarding the importance of obtaining contact details for both parents.

- Previously we asked parents to tick a box if they wanted to receive correspondence electronically, this has now been reversed to ask them to tick if they would prefer to receive items via post which may take up to 5 days longer.

- By address, we have added ‘if different to child’s’ so they are not having to duplicate the address.

- Added a link to the SEN Team Privacy/Sharing Notice.

- Added a condition that they will let us know should their contact details change with a link to our contacts page.

The updated consent form is now live on the local offer.  Please use this with immediate effect for any new requests you are sending in to the Local Authority. 

If you have the old version saved on your own systems then please delete this and replace with the updated version.

If you have any queries then please let me know.
Gemma Breckell
SEN/Local Offer Development Officer