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Below is a list of all current Shropshire Council tenders that are available to bid for. Click on the contract title of each tender for more information. If you'd like to request a tender pack for any opportunities, please make a note of the reference number as you will need this information for the application form, which you can access by clicking the big green button.

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On occasion we advertise tenders not directly handled by the procurement team. Check to see if there are any currently available.

Some lower value premises services work (up to £170k value) is not available through an open tender process. In order to quote on this type of work a company must be on our approved contractor list.

The deadline for tender submission is always midday on the date shown, unless otherwise stated.

Tender ref Supply/service description Estimated contract value Contract period Submission deadline

RMCB 032

Maintenance & Repair of Boilers, Burners, Biomass & Miscellaneous Gas Equipment

See tender documentation

See tender documentation

11 October 2019

ROCB 017

Maintenance & Repair of Gas Catering Equipment

Please see tender documentation

Please see tender documentation

18 October 2019


Winter Pressures Recovery Nursing Beds Block Contract

Shropshire Council is interested in acquiring up to 5 block purchased recovery nursing beds in Shrewsbury, to support hospital admission avoidance and hospital discharge.  The contract will be for a term of approximately 5 months from the commencement date (the date on which the first bed becomes occupied).  Commencement date is expected to be 1 November 2019.

Further details of this Expression of Interest may be obtained by emailing quoting the above reference number.  Interested parties should advise of an email address and named person to whom the documentation can be emailed back to.


5 months

30 September 2019


Domiciliary Care Accreditation

Please see attached document

Please see attached document

20 September 2019

CQNV 091

Raising the Attainment and Progress (RAP) of Children looked after and previously looked after

Please see attached documents

Please see attached documents

13 September 2019 (13:00)

DMCT 229

Passenger Transport Dynamic Purchasing System

Please see attached documents

Please see attached documents

31 October 2023

PMCV 011

Dynamic purchasing system (DPS) for Public Health

Please see attached document

Please see attached document

30 April 2020


Shropshire Council Special Free School

Please see attached documents

Please see attached documents

September 2019