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People Overview and Scrutiny Committee

This page lists the meetings for People Overview and Scrutiny Committee.

Information about People Overview and Scrutiny Committee

(Previously known as People Overview Committee and prior to 2017 the Young People’s Scrutiny Committee.)


The People Overview and Scrutiny Committee (POSC) reviews the implementation of existing policies and considers the scope for new policies for all aspects of the discharge of the Council’s functions concerning the provision of personal services for adults and children including social care, safeguarding, special needs services, schools and learning.

The Committee does this by:

1.     Assessing the effectiveness of decisions of the Cabinet in these areas of the Council’s statutory activity

2.     Relating scrutiny to the achievement of the Council’s strategic priorities as described in the Shropshire Plan – Healthy People.

3.     Making reports and recommendations as appropriate arising from this area of overview and scrutiny.



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