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Place Overview Committee

Purpose of committee

Previously known as Enterprise and Growth Scrutiny Committee)


Scrutiny (also known as Overview and Scrutiny) is vital to the work of the Council and its partners.  It helps to develop policy, improve the performance of the Council, and holds the Cabinet and Portfolio Holders to account for their decisions.  Scrutiny looks at Council services as well as services provided by other local agencies and organisations.  There are currently 5 formal scrutiny committees all with a membership of 10 councillors.


Scrutiny Committees are made up of non-executive councillors (councillors who are not on the Cabinet).  The work in a variety of formal and informal ways to gather evidence from officers, the Cabinet, service users, expert witnesses, the public and external partners on particular issues and topics.  At the conclusion of their work, they can make recommendations to the Cabinet and Portfolio Holders about how to improve services for local people.


Outcomes that the Committee is responsible for:


·   Deliver Strategic Scrutiny Work Programme topics by carrying out research and develop evidence based recommendations

·   Review of the delivery of the agreed lower carbon footprint and emissions targets, including air quality, by the Council and its partners.

·   Review of the actions to protect, enhance and value our natural resources, and respect the historic environment.

·   Review of the arrangements to safeguard and promote a clean and green environment

·   Review and evaluate the delivery of work to reduce landfill and waste

·   Review of the enablement and impact of initiatives to enhance the economy

Review of the management and development of the physical and digital infrastructure 


Service Areas Covered:


·    Strategic Planning

·    Natural Resources and aggregates

·    Development Control

·    Highways and Transport

·    Waste

·    Economic Growth

·    Broadband and Mobile Networks

·    Promoting Shropshire

·    Workforce skills and employment


Portfolios Covered:


·  Planning and Regulation

·Economic Growth

·Highways and Transport



Contact information

Support officer: Sarah Townsend. Committee Officer

Phone: 01743 257721



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