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Right to build

The UK is behind most other countries when it comes to the proportion of homes built via self build / custom build, and the need to look more closely at self build as a means of extending the range of housing is important in Shropshire. This could be either individual bespoke properties or group projects, as part of achieving mixed and balanced communities.

The government recently consulted on creating a 'Right to Build' initiative in the UK. This initiative will give people with a serious interest in building their own home a right to a plot from their local planning authority.

The aim is to make it easier for custom builders to access suitable, shovel-ready building plots to get their projects off the ground. The proposal recognises the significant role that councils can – and in some cases already do – play in responding to the local demand for custom build.

The consultation was part of a process to identify a small number of councils to act as vanguards to test how the Right to Build model would work in practice.

We are one of 11 authorities awarded 'vanguard' status by DCLG in relation to the Right to Build initiative.

As part of the initiative, local authorities awarded vanguard status can collect information on potential self-builders in order for them to make provision for self-build in their emerging policies.

We've developed a short questionnaire that we'd ask anyone with a serious interest in self-build to complete.

We'll use the information collected to identify the overall demand for self-build, the areas where people want to build and the type of housing required. By completing the questionnaire you'll also be registering your interest in purchasing a plot at market value in Shropshire and your commitment to commence with the build.

Previously registered?

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Please also include your full name and address in your email so we can correctly identify your entry.

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