Shropshire Council

Shropshire Council air quality reports

Shropshire Council reports on air quality in line with the national Local Authority Management Regime guidance produced by DEFRA. Below are links to our most recent reports:

Annual reports to DEFRA

  • Updating and Screening Assessment 2015
  • Annual Status Report 2016: Shropshire Councils Annual Status Report for 2016 was combined with the USA 2015. This approach was confirmed as appropriate by DEFRA and therefore no separate report was produced.
  • Annual Status Report 2017: expected August 2017

Detailed Assessments

  • Bayston Hill (Shrewsbury No 1 AQMA)
  • Heathgates Roundabout (Shrewsbury No 2 AQMA)
  • Oswestry AQMA (nitrogen dioxide)
    * Signed revocation order confirming revocation of the AQMA (coming soon)
  • Poultry installation assessments 2017 (coming soon)
  • Tern Hill Detailed Assessment (coming soon)

Air Quality Action Plans

Existing AQAPs: in force until a review process is complete

New AQAP proposed for consultation (coming soon).