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Palette and paintbrushes

Make a papier-mache mirror frame -
18 April 10am

Learn how to decorate the outside and inside edge of the frame, looking at raised, cutaway and te...

Next running on: 18 April 10am
Horse and carriage

Poultry keeping -
19 April 10am

This comprehensive, practical course is designed to show that keeping hens and ducks is not only...

Next running on: 19 April 10am
Three heads in a circle

Words from the Vaults 2020 -
21 April 10am

Back to the Vaults!  This course is a sequel to previous courses run by poet Jean Atkin

Ludlow Museum Resource Centre

Next running on: 21 April 10am

Also runs on: 28 April, 05 May, 12 May ... and more dates

Graduation hat

Ludlow Library - Learning at Lunchtime - The Plant Nursery -
22 April 1pm

Plant advice and history of Wildegoose Nursery with Jack Willgoss

Ludlow Library

Next running on: 22 April 1pm
Horse and carriage

Blacksmithing -
25 April 10am

This one-day, structured course introduces beginners to some fundamental metal forging techniques.

Next running on: 25 April 10am

Also runs on: 26 April, 02 May, 03 May ... and more dates

Horse and carriage

From fleece to fibre -
25 April 10am

This one day course will explain the preparation of raw fleece including sorting combing and card...

Next running on: 25 April 10am

Also runs on: 20 June

Horse and carriage

Working with donkeys -
26 April 10am

During this half-day course with resident waggoner, Simon, you will learn how to care for a donke...

Next running on: 26 April 10am

Also runs on: 13 September

Horse and carriage

Recycle my fashion -
02 May 10am

Have you got a wardrobe full of out dated, wrong sized, shopping mistakes or just worn out items...

Next running on: 02 May 10am
Horse and carriage

Spring herbal remedies -
16 May 10am

Learn how to make cleansing herbal tea infusions, a spring tonic, herbal vinegar, flower infused...

Next running on: 16 May 10am
Horse and carriage

Peg loom and stick weaving -
17 May 10am

A one day beginners course covering stick weaving and the use of a peg loom to create simple proj...

Next running on: 17 May 10am

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