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Strategies, policies and procedures

We're doing all we can to protect those in care homes, as well as those receiving care in their own homes. Every council in England has prepared plans on how to support all care homes in their areas to control and prevent future infection outbreaks, working alongside the NHS locally and with Public Health England. We have published our plan here.

On 13 May the government announced that it would make available a £600m Infection Control Fund for adult social care in England, and this was distributed to local authorities on 22 May. We've distributed our allocation of this money to care providers to support the implementation of a range of infection control measures. Find out more about how we have used the Adult Social Care Infection Control Fund.

Use the links on this page to find out more about the various policies, procedures, strategies and directories available that relate to adult social care services.

Market position statement

Our market position statement is designed to:

  • Inform providers, and future providers, of adult social care services about the existing and future demand for care services
  • Be a starting point for discussions between us and providers about how we can best work together to shape a diverse, flexible market for care, which achieves the best possible outcomes for Shropshire residents, in line with our key principles
  • Be updated on a regular basis, as a live, transparent resource for providers, where market information, including best practice, can be pooled and shared

Local account

This is a new take on our Local Account for Adult Social Care. We've tried to include in this publication a wide range of people who are involved with adult social care in Shropshire, and were keen to avoid ourselves being the main character in the story. 

Adult Social Care Strategy

Adult Autism Strategy

In 2010 the government published a national strategy for autism entitled Fulfilling and Rewarding Lives. A strategy was developed for Shropshire, which outlines the key priorities for achieving the changes that are needed locally, so that people with an autistic spectrum condition have access to the opportunities, support and services to enable them to live a full and rewarding life.

In April 2014 the government published Think Autism, an update to the national strategy published in 2010. This update was produced as a result of major changes to many parts of the system since the 2009 Autism Act and the 2010 strategy as part of the important programme right across government to reform public services.

In Shropshire we continue to be committed to working closely with partners in the county, and in the region, to deliver the vision in this update to the strategy, and to improve the lives of people with an autistic spectrum condition and their families. We've been working on an updated strategy, and currently have a draft action plan which continues to evolve as services and the needs of local people change.

The updated strategy and plan are being produced with the help of people on the autism spectrum, parents and carers, the voluntary sector, the police and care providers. It will be available here soon.

If you'd like any further information on the progress we're making, or would like to know how to become more involved in the development of the strategy, please email

As well as updating the strategy, we agreed with one of our contracted organisations, A4U, that, as part of their contract with us, they would set up and run an 'autism hub' in a council-owned building in Shrewsbury.

Please feel free to come along and see what the hub can offer you or someone you support. The aim of the hub is to support both individuals with experience of autism or Asperger’s and their carers. Representatives from various organisations will be on hand to offer support and advice, but most importantly we want the hub to be shaped by the people who use it.

Assistive Technology and Telecare Strategy

This strategy is a part of the following ‘golden thread’ so that all plans and strategies link:

  • Partnership plans and strategies
  • Shropshire Council corporate plan
  • Vision and strategy for adult social care
  • Service/team plans
  • Individual staff appraisal objectives

Dementia Strategy

This strategy has been developed by the Shropshire Autism Partnership Board. Its purpose is to provide the strategic direction for statutory health and social care organisations in Shropshire with regards to supporting adults and young people with an autistic spectrum condition.

Learning Disability Strategy

There are approximately 1,400 adults living with a learning disability in Shropshire who we want to enable to engage and participate meaningfully in all aspects of our community. This strategy explains how we plan to do this.