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Notifying us about a looked-after child

We need to be notified of all children placed in Shropshire. We have an online form you can use to make it easier for you to notify us, and you can access this by clicking the green button.

Notify us now »

You'll need to log in or create an account to access the form (notification of a child placed in or out of Shropshire).

You should also use this form to notify us:

  • Of any change of address
  • Of any change in circumstances for the placed child
  • That a child is leaving the area

Please ensure that notifications of children placed in Shropshire highlight any particular risks or vulnerabilities to assist the professional network in the county to respond effectively to any issues that may arise. Where you indicate that there's a risk of CSE (child sexual exploitation) you also need to complete a sexual exploitation risk assessment form, available to download on the West Mercia Consortium website, so that we have a detailed understanding of the child’s vulnerabilities.

If you're not using the online form, you need to send your notifications of looked-after children placed in Shropshire to the following email address:

This email address should also be used to:

  • Notify us when children are leaving Shropshire
  • Inform us if children have a child protection plan
  • Inform us of any update to a previous form you have completed

When we receive this information, we will:

  • Record on our social care database
  • Record on our education data base
  • inform our 'Virtual School'
  • Inform local police
  • inform child health

Key contacts for safeguarding

Service Email Phone
Notifications and
Independent Review Service

01743 254246
01743 254249

(Ellie Jones) 0345 678 9021
Emergency Duty Team N/A

0345 678 9040

01743 249544
(Out of hours only)