Shropshire Council


In this section you can find out how our services are performing. We're working to improve the services for the people living, working, learning in and visiting Shropshire. Performance management helps us to track the progress we're making in our key outcomes and priorities, and to demonstrate that we're delivering services efficiently and effectively.

Performance portal

Our online performance portal reports performance within the council. For each performance measure the very latest figure will be given, and you can see recent trends on a graph. You'll just need to select the outcome you're interested in to find out more about the measures under that heading, and then click on the bar chart symbols for each measure - this will give you the latest information for that measure.

Corporate plan

In Shropshire we base the performance management framework around our corporate plan. The corporate plan sets out the Council’s vision and priorities, providing the focus of the work of the council, and underpinning what we're trying to achieve over the coming years:

  • More people with a suitable home
  • Care for those in need at any age
  • A good place to do business
  • A healthy environment
  • Sustainable places and communities
  • Embrace our rurality

Beneath each of these priorities are performance measures used to understand whether we're making progress in delivering what we aim to do. These priorities also run through all of the plans of the council, from this corporate level through to plans for teams, and the goals and targets of each member of staff


Performance is reported to cabinet every quarter based on data for three months:

  • Quarter 1 April, May, June
  • Quarter 2 July, August, September
  • Quarter 3 October, November, December
  • Quarter 4 January, February, March

Cabinet reviews the performance via the portal, and the report to cabinet highlights performance exceptions. The last four reports to cabinet are as follows: